Mikey “DJ Kyd Wicked” Zaglin

Owner & CEO, Music Inc.

“Success Training Co. has helped me and my business so much. The clarity, peace of mind, and the resources needed to see and understand what I truly want for my business. My journey started with a simple phone call from an old friend, as I sat in an empty apartment with bill collectors knocking on my door. I attempted to sound like everything was fine, but it wasn’t. After hearing what it was that Success Training Co. offered, I immediately said “I need that!” From that point… my journey began. Already within weeks, my world started to change, people around me started to change and new business opportunities started presenting themselves. Everything was different and better…way better!

I started off simply as a client utilizing their mind power coaching services. After experiencing my results, I realized I wanted to grow and prosper even more. So I hired them again and experienced their business development training programs. I have consistently utilized the techniques and resources they taught me to excel even further.

Since that one phone call, I have gone from that empty apartment to performing for many of the biggest internationally known names in today’s Entertainment Industry. All of this success was possible because of the amazing guidance from the mind power coaches at Success Training Co. I have the focus and clarity to keep moving forward towards my next big adventure!”