Mark Laisure

CEO, Vortex Immersion Media

“Fresh on the heels of weathering my second major financial storm after the housing bubble and market collapse, I felt as if I was on the roadside amidst the wreckage of my life. The coaches at Success Training Co. rolled up in a golden chariot and pulled me out of the wreckage and placed me on the road to the best success ever, equipped with the right tools to deal with life’s ups and downs. I also got a better understanding on how to work harmoniously within various relationships that surrounded me both in life and business.

I would highly recommend this team of coaches and consultants. They walk their talk, they have mastered their craft and they possess the insight, wisdom and compassion to dive into the deepest areas of limiting belief systems, whether they be from recent life events or childhood learnings or trauma. Success Training Co. will guide you down the appropriate path back to oneness. If you commit to yourself and the process, you’ll achieve levels of life and business success you never dreamt possible.”