Jennifer Holmes

Managing Partner, Holson Consulting

“I first hired Success Training Co. 10 years ago and still look to their team today for new success strategies and empowerment to assist me to increase my results and to develop as a leader.

While working with the executive coaches from Success Training Co. during my tenure at MedAssets as Senior Vice President of Enterprise, I gained invaluable tools and direction which assisted me to navigate through a very complex company and close $42MM of top-line revenue growth.

Success Training Co. also taught me as an executive how to have a great external awareness and understand how other people process and take in information, which really helped me to become a more effective leader. When I became the new CEO at Central Logic, a well-established company with three Founders, I leveraged what I learned from my coaches and utilized my newly developed skills to help quickly build rapport with the Founders and all of the employees. I believe I made a positive impact on the senior leadership team by listening and understanding how they all processed information. They were all very different leaders and by taking the time to identify those differences, it really helped me to build a deep level of trust. The coaching I received and tools I learned truly allowed me to successfully execute at the highest level.”