Stéphane Schafeitel

Founder | CEO
Director of Passion

Stéphane has a passion and a knack for guiding others to perform better and achieve higher levels of results. For 25 years now, he has been coaching people to maximize their true potential and gain mastery over their mind. He spent the majority of his life being a success-seeker and entrepreneur, while passionately coaching others to reach higher levels of success.

He spent his corporate career working within many Fortune 500 Companies as a top-performing consultative salesman, contract negotiator, business development manager, sales manager, sales trainer and performance coach. Stéphane has always been an innovative, quick thinking top-performer within industry-leading companies. He consistently mastered each position, market and industry, resulting in earning countless awards and accolades within every company he worked. The greatest reward for him was watching the individuals he coached achieve awards and create massive success.

Early in 2010, Stéphane left Corporate America and co-founded a high-performance coaching and consulting company. Success Training Co. is the market leader in Mindpower Coaching and Mental Toughness Training. We help executives and entrepreneurs resolve mental and emotional barriers through a series of impactful coaching sessions that will maximize your clarity, mental toughness and success.

Shalee Schafeitel

Founder | President
Director of Accountability

Shalee is honored to have had the opportunity to coach and inspire thousands of people as a speaker, trainer and world-renowned coach. Over the years, she has created innovative solutions on how to get in control of your thinking, your emotions and your behaviors. This allows you to maximize your mental toughness and thrive through the constant ups and downs of doing business.

She has an amazing knack for holding her clients accountable to make the changes necessary to achieve their goals. Shalee is also the best in the business at challenging her clients to get out of the comfort zone and start living up to their true potential. She co-created our proprietary Mindpower Coaching Methodology, which will assist you to break through all of your mental and emotional barriers in a short period of time.

As a young adult, while Shalee was in her marketing and branding career, she was the go-to for entrepreneurs seeking advice. While empowering others to “go for it” and follow their professional dreams, she discovered her own passion for inspiring others. In early 2010, Shalee co-founded Success Training Co. to provide high-performance coaching and consulting services.

Jada Davis

Director of Growth

As a former athlete and professional NBA Cheerleader for both the Sacramento Kings and LA Lakers, Jada knows the importance of Mental Toughness. She has been actively involved in the Health and Wellness industry for two decades as a trainer and coach helping people lead a more active lifestyle. She is also a former fitness studio owner with multiple locations in San Francisco, California.

Jada has a decade of knowledge and experience in Personal Development. She’s an expert in Mindpower and has a background in Sales, Marketing and Business Development. Jada has a knack for helping clients uncover the limiting belief that is preventing them from creating true success and gaining clarity on what is possible.

A long time advocate of the methodology and techniques taught by Steph & Shay, she was thrilled to partner with Success Training Co. in 2021 as the Director of Growth. She is committed to helping clients who want to 10X their results and live their best lives. Her motto is: if you can dream it, you can do it.

Robert Smith

Director of Coaching

Robert L. Smith II started his psychological journey at F.A.U. in Boca Raton, Florida. After completing his university education, Robert used his sports psychology background to pursue his dreams of being a successful Professional Golfer playing on 5 different Professional Mini-Tours. Robert has been a member of the PGA for 26 years!

After sustaining an injury in 1996, Robert moved out of competitive golf and started Coaching as a member of the PGA of America. This journey also led him to Mindpower Coaching™, a much more effective tool for sport than psychology alone. He discovered that Mindpower Coaching™ helped his clients achieve their goals quickly and at a much higher success rate.

In 2000, Robert began to specialize in Mindpower Coaching™ and Mental Toughness Training for all types of athletic sports, and in 2015 he moved on to doing Mindpower Coaching™ with all success seekers. He did this while successfully running multiple businesses. In 2020, Robert accepted the position of Director of Coaching with Success Training Co. to follow his purpose and passion to help more people become the best version of themselves.

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